September 29, 2020

List of Engineering Colleges and forms to apply

[amazon_link asins=’B01N9MTQNT,B01MY3G81K’ template=’ProductCarousel’ store=’engineerdiari-21′ marketplace=’IN’ link_id=’242254a0-3086-11e7-9bd3-4d8ce8653896′]Now, all the college forms for Engineering are already out, and still not sure about many of them? So, presented are top Engineering College you must apply and little bit about them, to let you know what you are getting into.

1.Jee Mains: Now, this needs no introduction at all. Jee Mains is the standard form, every student needs to fill to grab a seat in top NITs/IIITs/DTU/NSITs etc and also to be eligible for IIT, for which many of you must be working hard for the past two years now.

2. GGSIPU(Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University): Most of the time known as IP University. Now, under IPUthere are 10s of Engineering Colleges  in Delhi catering Btech for both insiders and outsiders. Joining IPU would be great as it has the lowest of fees, quality of education is good, it is a known university, but yes, placement record it ain’t that impressive, but after joining IPU you can/ will get a job in companies like Wipro, INfosys atleast! So, no matter what you feel, do fill in the form as you always must have all the options open!

3. VIT unversity: Vellore Institute of Technology is a private university and has its two branches- one in vellore(main) and other in chennai. So, if you are willing to study in Tamil Nadu, you should definitely fill the form and even if not sure do fill the form as in the end you can decide what to do! VIT is among the top private universities in the country having 100% placement records and yes, a little expensive fees too!

4. BITS: Birla Institute of Technologies(BITs) has many campuses in Pilani(Main), Goa and others too where going to Pilani is a great deal and Goa one doesnt come in big names! It is again the best private university in the country and Pilani ones comes in parallel to even the best of IITs. So, do fill in the form as have excellent placement records, but mind it, it indeed is really expensive.

5.UPTU: UPTU is like IPU of UP(Uttar Pradesh). Now, colleges definitely have not great names or placement records, but once, you join the college you would get that placement record is not that important as you can get jobs of 3.5 packages in mass recruiters such as Wipro/Infosys etc. But do fill in the form.

6. SRM university: It has its main campus in Chennai and other ones in Modinagar(UP), and Haryana. Now, Modinagar one is a decent, but Haryana one isn’t! Again private University with high fees and great placement record.

Now, there are many other universities/colleges like Bhartiya Vidyapeeth (Pune), Kerela University, Galgotiya, KIIT and many more. Do, fill in the form of the colleges in your state and Jee mains, Bits,Vit, SRM too. While filling any college form, don’t think twice! Just fill it and all the details of placement or records is to be let for later!


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