September 29, 2020

Loneliness vs Aloneness!

“Hi! I am Shreya. 22 years Pursuing Btech in Delhi. After back to back three unsuccessful relationships, I have decided to be alone because I desperately missed my ‘me ‘ time and ‘self-growth’. But I do feel alone sometimes! Which means many times! I don’t exactly know what I want and also what I should do! I don’t know if you got it, but yeah!”


Hehe thank you Shreya for the detailed question😜. And we have got what exactly you are trying to say! Yeah, MIRACLE!!lol! Okay, this is indeed a deep question you have put up and it talks about knowing the difference between loneliness and aloneness! If you get this, not just relationship queries but alot of problems  if you would be having would be solved. But, for sake of simplicity we will just touch upon this topic, but you would get a clear picture! That’s for sure!

  1. Alone time is the most important time of the day. Which one should have every day and enjoy it. Alone time means the time you spent with only yourself, which may include reading novel, writing poems, going for  a walk etc which is a combination of your hobby, happiness and peace. But, don’t confuse it with playing PUBG, chatting, watching TV etc. The moment you start taking out the time for yourself and enjoy it, is the highest state of BEING !
  2. Loneliness on the other hand is the worst possible state to be in! Do you know millions of children, adult and grown ups are facing it! They are legit addicted to watching TV, or now a days TV series, playing PUBG, social media, and whatsapp! Loneliness is a negative state where you constantly need something or the other. All the workaholics fall in this category, they face huge anxiety when weekends come because they just can’t be alone!
  3. If you face loneliness, its time for you to sit and discover things you enjoy which could be listening music, cooking, or develop any hobby say playing guitar. And, when you start enjoying your own company you would on your own become what we call mature, less dependent or what people call clingy. And trust us, there are extremely less fraction of people who enjoy their own company!

See, feeling lonely sometimes is natural and OKAY! That is the time to tell yourself ‘Yes, I am feeling lonely . This time will pass. ‘ And the moment you accept that you are feeling is when you would RISE to the best version of yourself!

-Hope, we have answered your question. Wish you all the best in life!

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