November 27, 2020
Manual Testing Tutorial, Tools,Test Cases

Manual Testing Tutorial,Tools,Test Cases

There are two types of testing: manual testing and automation testing. Here is a manual testing tutorial. Testing a program is as crucial as developing software. When the projects are smaller in size testing is not given that much of importance due to lack of budget but as the project increases, the maintenance of a project becomes costlier as every patch and version has been through several layers of testing. That is why in service-based companies where they are making an application under constrained budget testing is a bit vague but for product-based companies like Paytm where hundreds of developers are working on the same application, testing becomes significant to prevent bugs crept in as they now can cost millions!

What is Manual Testing?

In Manual Testing, a tester identifies himself as an end-user and now start using the program. He would identify all the test cases which include UI/UX to try to break into the system with cheat codes and every possible way. When a patch is been released the team manager makes tens of test cases for the smallest piece of code before it is finally deployed onto the server. Manual testing does so by not any automated values where you just need to enter values and the result would be predicted. It would go through the entire cycle from input to output as how would a user would perceive the system.

Can Automation Testing Replace Manual Testing?

In manual Testing a user is testing where the result is determined by the skill of tester whereas in case of automation testing we now have tools where a script is run to determine the outcome, hence we are dependent on the software. Where Selenium is one of the most used automation testing tools for web applications whereas tester needs to do Manual Testing labour himself only. Automation testing definitely speeds up the process but can never completely replace manual testing as you can never have an entire exhaustive system to take care of safety, User Experience, Color Preference, and too many other things but yes automation testing has speed up the testing process and has increased safety for end-user tester too.

List of Manual Testing Tools:

Here, we are going to talk about 5 manual testing tools every tester uses in the industry nowadays. But also people these are just to find bugs that were the program is failing that particular part. As the testing is still manual. Okay, let us try like this say you are logging in to the system and even with correct username and password you are not able to log in. So, you decide to use Firebug for online debugging and then find out that some exception was been thrown. So, you tested still manually but used a manual testing tool for the debugger and asked the developer to check the login function for a particular exception!

1.MS Excel-Test Cases:

Every company sets its own test case sample in Excel where they mention the tasks a tester needs to perform before completing testing at its own end. Tester records the observations and if the test case passes, it moves on to the deployment stage otherwise it is held and the developer needs to work on the changes required to be developed and then again tested for correctness.

2.Jira-Bug Tracking:

JIRA is a bug tracking tool developed by Atlassian and also used for issue tracking, and project management for  software and Mobile apps.

3.Postman-API Testing:

Postman is an application even developers use for testing APIs, where you send in the request to the webserver and getting the response back. You can set up all the headers and cookies here and checks the response.

4.Selenium-Cross Browser:

SELENIUM is the most talked-about testing tool which is a free (open-source) automated testing framework and has been used for web applications across different browsers.

5.Lambda Test-Cross Browser:

AWS Lambda is another Amazon’s gift which is a serverless web service to run your code as and when an event is fired. AWS Lambda supports many languages like C#, Python, Java, and Node is among the most updated tools.

Sample Test Cases :

A Test case is a template a company creates with parameters on which tester needs to test the developed program for further processing. It varies from company to company though but the general pattern remains the same. Some companies use MS Excel while some use MS Word for the same.

Manual Testing Tutorial, Tools,Test Cases

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