September 29, 2020

On campus Interview Experience of Optimus Information 2018

Optimus Information is another IT company in Noida, and has a branch in Canada too. Optimus Information follows one day pretty long 5  round interview process where every round is an elimination round. This year this company has hired in a massive bulk and also the company has a good reputation in the market making it a pretty good option for the freshers offering 15K stipend for the first 6 initial months and there after 3LPA CTC. So, here is a detailed overview of the entire process.

Online Aptitude Test:

This round focuses on topics like average, profit and loss, C.I, percentages. It has a fixed cutoff of 75% which is some what 25 questions need to be correct out of 35! 80% of the students are able to clear this round.

Machine Test:

Coding round with basic string, searching , logical questions where you need to score 40 out of possible 100 to enter the next round. You can use basic tricks of passing test cases by direct printing and getting the score above 40!

Technical Interview:

Its around 45 mins interview testing your basics in language, java, sql, project, oops. patterns,puzzles. It is of moderate difficulty, your basics would be checked.

HR Interview:

Again pretty simple where your communication skills would be tested with HR questions- tell me about yourself, why should be hire you etc.

Skype interview with co-founder:

This is the last round where co-founder would ask you about the project, basic technical questions etc. Only 1 of 20 was rejected by the co-founder. Hence, is again moderate difficulty!

If you still have any doubt. Please write to us in the comment section. Our team would revert back within 24 hrs.

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