October 20, 2020

On campus Sopra Steria Interview Experience -2018

Sopra Steria India is an IT consultant company with over 5000 people across 4 cities in India-Noida, Banglore, Chennai and Pune. Sopra Steria definitely has a great name in the IT industry . They offer package of 4lpa with 3 years of bond agreement! Sopra Steria Interview process is divided into 4 phases-1. Aptitude+technical round 2. GD round 3. HR round 4. Technical Interview

1. Online test:

If you clear online test than 90% of the battle is won. first would be 30 minutes technical test where DBMS,SQL, Software Engineering is the key. It has round 60-65% cutoff. And is indeed pretty easy. After this round only 20% of candidates are eliminates. Post that is aptitude round, where flow chart related questions are asked. Practice this question because you would have 1 hr to solve 10 ques, with 2 solved sample problems, Practice them beforehand as this is the toughest part of the entire process as this round is qualified by only 10% of the candidate.

2. GD round:

It is kind of optional where if the strength is more than 30+, it might be conducted where basic communication is checked. This is conducted immediately after the online test.

3. HR round:

The same day, shortlisted candidates go through HR round, which is again basic with the commonly asked HR questions, tell me about yourself, weakness, why should be hire you etc. Almost everyone is able to clear this round.

4. Technical Interview:

This is conducted in the office on a scheduled day. Where OOPs, sql and DBMS is the key. 80% of the selected candidates are able to clear it. It last about 30 minutes and is simple. Just be confident and do above topics well.

If you still have any doubt. Please write to us in the comment section. Our team would revert back within 24 hrs.

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