September 29, 2020

One sided love-good or bad?

” Hi! I am Shruti, 23 years old.Pursuing MBA from college in Greater Noida. In Bcom I had a crush on a guy for three years. Even now I have a crush on him. All my friends know about it, and always ask me to move on! First of all, I would move on if I find someone, but till then Is it okay, to still crushing on that guy? Are they right? Can you suggest something! Thanks is advance ❤”


This is something we all face! Don’t we? Liking someone is out of our control, and it is indeed the best feeling in the world! But, what happen is that when it is prolonged for long time, it is just going to hurt you and would become just an obsession and addiction. So, one needs to get over that feeling. Let’s talk in bit detail as it would require you to understand down the root reason of what we are trying you to understand.

  1. Anything that hampers your growth is bad for you. That is it! Crushing or liking someone is the cutest thing ever but when it is for long period of time, you would instead of being happy and giddy would be sad. You would feel less of yourself, and start comparing yourself to his partner etc. And this would naturally happen. So, at this stage it is necessary for you to get over it, because you deserve happiness and that’s it!
  2. Also, liking someone is just a tiny bit of emotion because relationships are much more than that. Its more about understanding, compatibility and trust! But to get over it, if you feel you need to tell the guy do that. Or unfriend him! But, get yourself back to the real world. It is more or less a dark cloud hanging over , so get over it. If it is meant to be, it will happen naturally!
  3. Biggest thing that is going to help you in the process is ACCEPTANCE! Accepting you had this beautiful feeling and now get ready for a beautiful chapter. You would now have a whole different outlook to your life. And in truest sense you would become positive and happy. And in the end that’s the only thing we all want, dont we?


-Hope, we have answered your question. Wish you all the best in life!

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