October 1, 2020

Which Is The Best Pen Drive To Buy In 2020

A pen drive, or a USB flash drive, is a portable data-storage device. Okay this sounds weird. Let’s talk in some easy terms. So, Earlier we had floppy disks! Kids don’t try to remember as you were not even born! But, yeah so it is basically this small, portable that it is easy to carry device that can store huge amount of data of around 64GB which in our layman means like thousands of photos, days of videos, hundreds of songs and 3/4 games of decent sizes! Which means huge data! Now, if you are buying pen drive for the first time or in need of another and just wondering all the options, companies, varieties in the market then, this one is for you for sure! So, what are we waiting for, here are tips and tricks to find the best pen drive for you!

1.Which is the best Company to Buy Pen Drive

The top 3 companies whose pen drive would be recommended by anybody because we all have been using them for ages are- Kingston, Sandisk and HP. They last for lifetime, until you lose them actually! So, if you are investing to buy a pen drive then definitely go for the three mentioned. Though Samsung and Sony are also recommended but ofcourse the market share of prior ones is infact huge! But, yes you can buy for any 5 mentioned companies you won’t regret a bit!


2.Storage Capacity Of Pen Drive

Pen drives do come in 2GB,4GB,8GB,16GB ,32GB and 64 GB sizes. Now on an average a multiple of Rs 50 is added with every size. Though price point would be discussed in the later part of the blog, but yes which size to buy? Then the answer is buy minimum 8 GB as pen drives are an investment and nobody buys them again and again. And Though you would think only 4GB is sufficient, it isn’t! And buying 64 GB is yup bit too much but if you require pen drive on day to day basis go for the bigger size always!


3.Best Look and Feel Of Pen Drive

This is important too as we are looking at an investment and longevity. Sandisk and kingston pen drives usually comes in plastic body where as HP ones are in metallic body. Now, the HP one though looks classy, but is bit risky as its too small and you won’t realize if you leave it in your pocket ever. But still looks classy though! So, make sure it is not too small and also gives a durable feel because we all are pretty careless! One thing that too needs to be taken care of is that it must have an attachment to tie up a thread to make it more handy!

4.Pen Drive Price

Price range of almost every pen drive is similar. The starting price of pen drives of 2GB is Rs 200+ something. 4GB=Rs250; 8GB=Rs300; 16GB=Rs350 ;But the price of 64GB pen drive is Rs500 in India and in Delhi! So, price point is infact pretty awesome whether you buy it from a local shop or Amazon or Flipkart!  Go, for it don’t think twice!


5. Answering Some FAQs related To Pen Drive

Lets talk some basics here. Should you safely remove pen drive? Nah! It is still pretty safe. You should not use pen drive of school/college at you local system! Yup! That’s true as virus do crept in and could spoil the system! So, always scan the pen drive ! Pen drive is the biggest source of virus ! Yup That it is, so be careful while using pen drives on TV, radios etc as they could affect the device as well!

Hope you would have enjoyed this little shopping guide as stay tuned we have a whole lot of bunch of interesting gadget shopping guide coming up pretty soon.

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