September 29, 2020

Placement preparation kit-Engineering Graduates

Placement season has kick started, and is about to get more pace as we enter the 8th semester. So, just before the madness amplifies, make sure you are ready with your weapons! Which are your resumes, formal clothes,documents, folder etc. For some this might be TMI, but the #placementdiaries can’t be completed without mentioning these stuffs as you won’t get time to prepare them as the schedule get so hectic, interviews and rounds are being conducted everyday. And these stuffs needs to be sorted beforehand. You can give this blog a go, if you want to know about these stuffs, or can even skip and read other blogs mentioned at the end of the blog.

1. Multiple copies of resumes

Prepare your resume and get minimum 10 copies of it, and always keep it in your carry bag neatly! You would never know you have to go to an interview just after an exam or other drive. So, keep your resume always handy, because that last minute tension of getting resume printout is something you don’t want yourself to get into!

2. Formal Clothing

Have atleast 2 formal shirts,1 blazer, 1 pair of trousers and a pair formal shoes ready to go! Two shirts are necessary because one day you might be going for  an interview and other day for documentation and stuffs and you don’t want to repeat your clothes! See, no one would bother if you repeat your clothes, but if you are someone who gets conscious about these stuffs, so prepare likewise!

3. Important Documents and Folder

Keep your training certificates, 10th, 12th, and upto 6th/8th semester marksheets photocopy maintained in a folder in your bag. It is a mandatory stuff, as anytime they can ask for your marksheets and you don’t want to regret carrying a piece of paper!

4. Keep yourself updated

Most importantly keep yourself updated. Check you gmail multiple times in a day for updates regarding placement rounds and results. Also, for off-campus drives keep on visiting amcat, cocubes, e-litmus, offcampusjobs4u portals etc. Make a habit to visit these portals everyday as some openings close in a span of two days too!

If you still have any doubt. Please write to us in the comment section. Our team would revert back within 24 hrs.

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