October 1, 2020
power bank buying guide

Which Is The Best Power Bank To Buy in 2020

The world is addicted to PUBG and sure would be someone in your own family. If not PubG who is not watching videos on youtube after Jio made addicted to be online throughout the day. So, yeah lets admit is we are generation addicted to phones and their battery capacity is increasing year by year, but is never going to be sufficient or will it? Here, we are talking the best thing we have right now are the power banks. So, its actually some battery storage that would charge your phone or even tablets for a matter on the go via a USB cable. But, people are confused as which one to buy as the specifications are bit technical so, we are going to break it down for ya! SO, lets get started with our mini power bank buying guide!

1.Power Bank Charge Capacity

First lets understand what mAH is! It stands for milli Ampere per hour.  So, the phone we use specify the battery charge it has which is around 1000mAH which is 1000 milli Ampere per Hour that is 1A current per hour would charge your phone completely. So, if you buy a power bank of 1000mAH it would charge your phone only 1 time on full charge. Similarly 2000mAH could charge your phone 2 times on full charge. SO, naturally the more mAH the better! And also generally people say go for 4X of your battery size!

2.The current measure

Usually the phone have 1A or 2A current configurations which means for faster  charging more current one is better that is 2A current is better than 1A one!

So, this one for the mini guide. Hope it helps you to get the power bank best suited for you. Cheers.

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