October 20, 2020

Preparing yourself for the second semester in Engineering College

Woh! So, finally first semester has come to an end and its a big relief. Never went through so many exams, hectic schedules and a whole new experience, so congrats for the most toughest part. Now, that you have completed the first semester, you all would be curious is that is second semester also about the same? Are you going on the right path? What if I got a back? How much percentage would be good and so much more…… So, presented are top 10 tips of what to expect/ do in second semester!


I hope you till now have formed your ‘friend’ circle, but if you haven’t yet then utilize these holidays to get one as it is not like school that you can do everything on your own and have parents/siblings to help you as you won’t even realize how much it is important to have one for notes, assignment and also to keep a track on what everybody else is doing.

2.Getting a ‘back’ in first semester

Now, this may be your utmost insecurity/set back you would be facing now, but let me tell you where to go from now. Companies coming in the campus are looking forward to clear ‘no back’ policy(mostly), so till now you weren’t aware, its okay as you would get plenty of opportunity to clear this back, but make sure that is the next semester.

3. How much percentage is good

Companies coming in the college are clear about percentage rule and to be able to sit in most companies you need to have 75% minimum. So, if you have a back or had a laid back attitude in first semester, then its ok as you still have a lot lot and lot of time to up your percentage, but make sure you have 75% above.

4.How to study during the rest of engineering

So, studying in college for most of you would be entirely different for college. Now, college studies is not at all about 100% attendence or regular studies. Its about smart work only. When a topic starts attend its basic classes to get idea about what it is and that’s it. Make sure you have all the notes complete with you in your phone at least and notes which teacher has kept in the photocopy shop. And, lastly you just got to study 1 day before the exam.

5. What to do beside college studies

Now, there is a lot you can do and you should be doing. Like exploring competitive programming by visiting website like hackerrank, hackerearth, learning web development, learning android app development, exploring ethical hacking, big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, open source contribution. You can look forward for paid training opportunities/ even online courses.

6.Attending tech fests of colleges

Most of the colleges have their tech fest in the even semester. So, even if your college tech fest has gone by, tech fest are great opportunity to meet new people, evaluate yourself and learn which cant be done at home.


So, many of you must have read about till now that doing internship is not at all mandatory in the first year. But, even if you are not interested but do check out them as you would get to know what skill set you need and trust me most of the terms you would be hearing for the first time. So, do visit them frequently!

8.Studies in second semester

Second semester studies is same as first except that coding would be  introduced, so get your hand on coding from this semester and it really doesn’t matter if you understand any subject, but DO CODING!

9.What about your interest in music/writing/modelling etc

If you want to try your hands in other field then just attend basic classes in college so that you sort of know whats going in college and then, you are good to go to try it out. Note that you would have 1.5 months in the beginning of the semester and then get about 15 -20 days in winter breaks and about 2 months in summer break. so, there is plenty of time!

10. Do look out for yourself

If you let your life be driven by the college academics and their rules, then for sure you would get crazy. So do look out for your self in terms of physically and mentally. Physically- you have lots of time after college to go to gym/ play any sport  and also, if you want to do something different may be write a book/ have your own youtube channel/loose weight/ learn cooking, just you gotta do it!


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