October 1, 2020

Product Based Companies vs Service Based Companies!

Being an Engineering student there is a list of ‘must know’ stuffs about the IT industry and difference between product based  and service based companies undoubtedly tops the list. Whether you are in first, second or third year you should be aware of it, so read along to get better understanding of the industry you are just about to enter.

  1. Product based companies:

Product based companies or dream companies, should be the target of every engineering student as here you would get to work on actual products you see in the market from MS-office, adobe photoshop to oracle database. Salary package and scope of rapid progress is extremely high. Some of the companies are Microsoft, Google, Adobe, Oracle, Amazon.

2.Service based companies:

All the mass recruiters you know of or who come to the college, come under this category where they use the products made by product companies to directly cater to the clients. Obviously the package is on the lower side and very low scope of progress rate is seen. And some of the companies coming under service based sector are TCS, Infosys, Wipro, Tech Mahindra etc.

As a fresher, though aim should always be product based companies but efforts to get service based company with little assurance of yourself and family can’t be understated. If there are still some doubts left, comment in the comment section below and our team would revert back within 24 hrs.

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