October 20, 2020

Quality Assurance And Quality Control

Quality Assurance and Quality Control are terms used interchangeably many times, but they have a different meaning. Knowing the difference is not just limited to cracking interview questions only, but also to be more aware as these terms can trick a lot of business meetings, deals, and purchase orders hence. Here, we will talk about both of them in detail, take live examples then know it about them more in terms of software testing. And finally, compare them in every aspect. So, are we ready to learn something super simple yet taking our knowledge to another level!!

Quality Assurance

  • Quality Assurance aims at delivering a well-tested product with zero to no defect. When, we say a product has quality assurance it automatically signifies that the company has ensured that the product before reaching on to the hands of users has gone through multiple rounds of rigorous testing. Quality Assurance is directly attached to the organization that is bringing the product onto the market, so it becomes imperative for the name and reputation of the company so ensure that product has no defects because it becomes impossible at times to quality control after it reaches the hands of the public.
  • ISO(The International Organization for Standardization) 9001 Certificate is a quality management control certificate that has developed some parameters that need to be met before that is issued to a product and that certificate itself says that product has quality assurance which judges the project on the qualities such as scope, performance, continual improvement, and others. ISO holds great significance in the industry and most leading companies don’t launch a single product into the market before getting the certificate.
  • Let’s understand it with an example. Say, there is a company that started in 2018 which has launched a horror Augmented Reality Movie which has received a great response in the market. A few months back, Disney acquired that company. Now, they are launching another movie in a couple of months. So, what has here actually changed? Now that a movie is coming via the name of Disney, we are assured that it is a big movie. Big in which sense, budget? Yes, but also the quality of graphics, sound, visual effects and all. Here, every Disney movie has Quality Assurance and why? because they make a huge amount of investment to get the product of esteemed quality reaches out to the public.
  • Quality Assurance speaks volumes about a product into the market, but it’s not all happy stories here because quality assurance takes a whole lot of money!!! There is a huge amount of investment that goes into bringing an assured product which small scale company can never afford to and there is a huge amount of possibility that even though there is no major investment done but the quality is impeccable. In terms of software testing, quality assurance means that the product has gone through multiple rounds of testing and is ensured to be defect-free.

Quality Assurance And Quality Control

Quality Control

  • Quality control is a process to test a product under the desired specifications. Every company has a team for quality control where they test a batch under the production to ensure that the sample is hand is of high control. Quality control is done at every stage under development to ensure that the final product is of a quality assurance product. Every product goes through multiple rounds of testing, again and again and is not allowed to reach the next stage of development until it reaches a satisfactory level at the tested end. Hence, quality control is a continuous regression testing process.
  • Quality control is associated with not just testing the product but ensuring that the product reaches a certain level of a standard before moving ahead. It also includes fixing defects, improving the quality and working on the development aspect of the product too. It is different product quality assurance as quality assurance is a final product whereas quality control is a process. Quality Control can only reach a team that can not only test the product but also enhances it whereas in quality assurance is more associated with testing only. Now, the difference between quality control and quality assurance should be visible!
  • In an industry when there is a new product on which the company is working on, there is a specialized team for quality Control whose responsibility is to keep on testing the product under development. Quality control is given equal importance and priority as much a development team is given. For example if there is a new smartphone been launched with better camera resolution, higher battery backup, and bigger screen it has gone every day through stages of testing and testing on their end first and then only sent for ISO certification of quality assurance. So, quality Assurance is the ultimate deal but the everyday journey is via quality control.
  • Quality Control in software testing is done via the QA team. Yes! That’s why people get confused but now you know they are not the same! A QA expert is equipped with knowledge about making test cases, using automation tools, doing manual testing and most importantly prioritize a test case and functionality. In the service sector, the QA team is not given that much exposure due to limited budget, but in product based company developers are scared of them! Because they would not let you patch get merged till it has gone through load test, stress test, API test, security test and many many more.

Quality Assurance And Quality Control: Difference

This image would sum it up the blog so that you never ever get confused between quality assurance and quality control😉

Quality Assurance And Quality Control

Hope, that you have finally understood that Quality assurance and quality control are definitely not the same things and if you want to take away only one thing from the blog then it should be Quality Control in software testing is done via the QA team.

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