October 23, 2020

Questions to ask a company during presentation- Engineering Graduates

Whenever you have a campus placement or pool campus drive, there is always a ppt. In which every company tells about itself, their projects, centers, number of employees working, year of establishment etc. After the ppt, you would get round 10 minutes to ask company and if in those 10 minutes due to shyness or some other factors important questions aren’t asked you would have doubts which would cause you massive problems before joining. SO, here are list of questions you have to have clarity about because some companies try to be clever by not mentioning these stuffs in the job description. So, always be one step ahead because ultimately it is you who have to face the consequences.

1. Know the package i.e CTC . Also, clearly ask about the stipend in the training being offered.

2. Make sure to ask whether the entire CTC is fixed or some amount is variable.

3.. Clearly ask about the date of joining and time duration of the training.

4.Be clear about the date of commencement of Bond period, is it after training or before.

5.The amount to be paid on breaking the bond.

6. Location of training and joining location.

7. Ask about the profile being offered. Know about it.

8.Know about the year company established specially for startups, so you have a clear idea how young the startup is.

9. Know the working culture i.e more corporate or startups like.

10.Overseas opportunity if you are looking to move abroad in the future!

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