September 29, 2020

Questions to ask HR before joining any company-Engineering Graduates

Once your are through with the recruitment process and are just left with the paper work, there is a huge possibility that either you sign the bond first and then receive the offer letter or the offer letter you get does’t give you the entire list of must know stuffs! So, before joining any company you need to know the below stuffs and ask the HR openly about.

1.Extreme precise about working hours, is it flexible, is it 5 days/6 days a week

2. Ask about the leaves! sick leave, earned leaves, everything.

3.If you are joining during your eighth semester, make sure to inform them that you would require leaves which could span upto a month too!

4.Make sure to ask that entire CTC is fixed or there is some variable.

5. Ask about incentives clearly.

6. Travelling opportunities in the country and also abroad.

7.Cab facilities and also lunch availability is something you can ask

8.How old the company is, its centers, technology they work on.

9.You can ask about dress code too, but is again optional.

10. You can ask the HR about his/her experience in the company.

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