October 20, 2020
React Js Vs Angular : Top 10 Differences

React Js Vs Angular : Top 10 Differences

React Js Vs Angular is among the hot topics of discussion for every front-end developer. Mainly because these two are leading the front end web development industry, and have brought some game-changing stuff like virtual DOM by react js and Angular is an incredible framework of two-way data binding, unit testing, and dependency injection. Here, we are not going to say which is better rather examine their differences because both solve different purposes. And, of course we will we talking about their demand in the industry and comparing salaries of Angular developer vs react js developer. Also, if you are new to web development this would be an interesting insight. So, let’s get started.

1.  How React Js Vs angular Started

First, angular came into the market in 2010 with the first version as angularjs built on javascript, thereafter from the second version onwards we call it angular. We now have Angular 4, Angular 5, Angular 6, Angular 7, Angular 8, and the latest version Angular 9. Angular is developed, and maintained by Google. React js on the other hand came in 2013, by Facebook. React  Js development team releases a new version in about 1 month-4 month span that now we pretty much have 32 versions of react js with the latest one being 16.8.6.

2. Purpose of React Js Vs Angular

Angular is a framework whereas react js is a library. Angular revolutionized and finally brought a much-needed change for web development with two-way data binding, unit testing, typescript support, Single page Application, and dependency injections. We have now a neater, cleaner, and standardized approach to build web apps. React js on the other hand solved SPA with a faster rendering approach using a virtual DOM concept. So, on the other hand if you have too much updation on the same page happening like you see the Facebook application with news feeds getting rendered React js it is!

3. One way Binding in React Js Vs Two-way Binding in Angular

Two-way data binding is the coolest thing ever. Angular developers love Angular because now we just can’t go back to that irritation updation using js calls at every point! Two-way data binding reflects the changes in a model on both template and code end in a single component. React js though has limited only one flow of data and that also because react js is using jsx=js+xml. So, since there are no two separate entities and just view concept it makes sense too. But two-way binding is love♥

4.The learning curve of both technologies

Of course, getting started with Reactjs is pretty easier than Angular because react js is a library so you can add react js in the existing code, no matter how old it is. Working with JSX is also pretty easy. But, with Angular you need to be familiar with the MVC concept. Angular is a framework. You would be building a separate application here, built around MVC structure. For the first-timer, getting angular could take up to 6 months or even an year easily! Because angular is separate stuff not just an add on but is worth every bit!! Angular is heart♥

5.Performance of React Js Vs Angular

React js is built to solve the purpose of faster updation of the content of the same page with a virtual DOM concept. The concept is a genius! So, if there is too much happening, rendering and browsing happening like Netflix were continuous suggestion happens to React js it is. But, if you are building a scalable application where it is a single page application and has various components to it Angular it is! React js is limited to feeds, blogs, and suggestions but angular is to build any big project that could be easily maintained many many years now.

6.Typescript vs JSX

Typescript is a superscript of javascript. The first version of Angular was built on javascript, but thereafter all the versions are on the typescript. So, the learning curve is smooth because a person knowing javascript can easily work with typescript as now it has become a whole lot object-oriented. JSX on the other end is a different language, so it would require efforts. Also, JSX is used only for react applications so it is limited in that sense!

7. Framework vs Library

We can’t answer the difference between the two until we talk about the difference between a framework and a library altogether. When we are working with a framework, it has its predefined structure and rules attached to it. There is a boundary set, structure set and now you are using it. You are getting into a framework as in angular but with react js which is a library. You are calling react js into your code and using some or all of its functionalities. If you get this right, you have grabbed the essence of this blog!

8.Server-side rendering Comparison

Both React js and Angular are for server-side rendering but used differently altogether. Angular SPA means that the entire application is rendered first by the server and then, client application takes over. Hence the first load in Angular is loading pretty much the entire application. Now, react js is a bit different here. Here server-side rending happens when you click on ‘load more‘, then with redux the application using virtual dom gets updated on the front end.

9. Additional features of Angular over React js

Angular offers way much more than React js. Angular is an MVC based framework with two-way data binding in which the view and controller in a component get updated simultaneously. Dependency Injection is all about reusing components and facilitating unit testing which has finally made development automated than redundancy copy paste and unreadable mess it was before! But, react js is just view aspect of it to get an updated view on server-side breeding faster using virtual dom concept.

10. Salary of React Js Vs Angular Developer

And, finally the salary stuffs💲💲💲. According to Glassdoor, react js developer makes around ₹380K/yr whereas angular developer makes ₹469K/yr. Though both have demand in the market and pretty much equal and also in the most company you need to know both as depending on the project company gains you could be asked to work in!

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