October 20, 2020
React Js Vs React Native: Difference 2020

React Js Vs React Native:Difference 2020

React Js Vs React Native is among the most asked question and even developers working for 2-3 years are now very clear about it. React Js is used for web development whereas React Native is for native mobile application development. Both are developed and maintained by Facebook. One cannot begin working with react native straightaway because you need to be familiar with React Js basics and most importantly JSX. So, this blog is dedicated to the detailed discussion regarding the same and yes, we have covered ‘demand’ for respective too. So, let’s dive straight into it.

1. React Js VS React Native: How they Started

React Js was introduced to the developers in 2013 by Facebook to dynamically build single page application which allowed faster rendering of webpages using a unique concept of virtual dom structure whereas react native was introduced again by Facebook in 2015 which primarily focus on building native mobile applications, earlier was supported for IOS apps but now also for android apps.

2.Purpose of React Js Vs React Native

The primary focus of react js was to add on a library where there could be the faster rendering of content in the single page that is the same page is updated on using server-side rendering and redux. React js also uses one-way data binding. React native on the other hand uses react js UI and on top of it uses its own native libraries. The coolest part is that a developer experienced with react js can easily develop mobile apps too using the same knowledge of jsx which later on expanded to being platform-independent, both for android and ios applications.

3.Getting started with React Js Vs React Native

To learn react js one needs to be familiar with react native as it is just like react and uses native components, hence basic understanding of JSX, state and props are required. But, on top of that you need to grasp text, view, and image components of react native. Hence, learning react would not only make you a web developer but also an app developer. And, the learning curve of both is pretty small that is it would require only a few months to be efficient at development.

4.Learning Curve

React could actually take up a few months to get used to with JSX, redux, one-way binding because these are not conventional web development terminologies but react native can only be built on top of react js. And also, react js is more focussing on the development end whereas react js is all about development and designing. One needs to work with native components like text, view, and image.

5.Competition of React Js Vs React Native

React Js biggest competition is Google’s Angular. Angular is a framework that has redefined web development and introduced some cool new things like two-way data binding, dependency injection, and built on MVC than react js being a library with view aspect only. React builds native apps hence, hybrid apps framework like Apache Cordova is among the biggest competition as if web apps could be used as mobile apps, it saves tons of money!

6.Basic Principle of React Js Vs React Native

React Js works on Virtual DOM principle where the need for regular updation of single-page applications like in Facebook or any typical news feed could become faster is solved as virtual dom creates a copy of document object model and compare with original dom. These changes are then reflected at the dom level than dom to compare line by line changes. Whereas with react native thought was to use the primary knowledge of react language and then, build applications also than learning new technologies again by reusing the react UI components than web components.

7.Disadvantages of respective

The biggest disadvantage with React Native lies that it is actually pretty new and documentation on it has its own limitation. Also, one needs to learn react also causes a hindrance in itself. But with react, the advantage of faster loading has also been taken over by angular now. React is just a library which is for faster loading of sites like newsfeed so it itself is such a narrow field and then learning native can seem to be not a secure move as react native is still finding its ground in the industry yet.

8.Development Vs Designing

React js is for web development. There could also be a separate designer for react js front end who managers UX version of the sites, but when it comes to react native, one needs to be equipped with both development and designing. Mobile application development is indeed both in one!

9.React Js Vs React Native: Challenges

Angular vs react js battle is all over the internet. Because Angular can do all what react js can do, but just react js is a bit faster for smaller application as for larger applications angular is the preference. React native on the other hand face challenges with the hybrid application as for smaller budget projects web apps are a thing, and also react native is still comparatively new.

10. Salary of React Js Vs React Native Developer in India

The average package of react js developer according to glassdoor in India is Rs 5,00,000 lakh/pa whereas the react native developer is Rs 3,84,000 lakh/pa which is lower and also because in the industry web developers are paid more than mobile application developers in general.

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