Scope of devOps Engineer in India

DevOps requirement is growing at an exceedingly fast pace. And since the demand is high, supply is less you get the package of what you ask for! And its always equal than that of a developer as developers are replaceable but good devOps engineer is a find! And you would want this resource to continue with you for many many years because the ‘product’ in product based companies would be live at all times and in ‘service ‘ based company a good devOps engineer is the biggest asset you could possess!

But still the question we want to know is if you thinking to switch to this lane that is the package high enough or what should be the money you must be demanding!So, here is detailed analysis of what a devOps engineer gets and should get in IT industry in India and its much more than what a developer gets!


Hope, it would have brought lot more clarity from where you started. If you still have an any doubt, leave it in the comment section below. Our team would revert back within 24 hours.

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