September 29, 2020

Should you choose Computer Science Engineering being from non-CS background?

So, finally answering this most requested question by all of you as this being the most apt time for it too! So, answer is Yes! Even being from non-CS background you can choose Computer Science Engineering, but remember that you need to work a  harder on your own and if and only if you are okay with it, choose computer Science Engineering. This answer too has many layers in it, and to know more about it follow the complete article.

1.CS has maximum jobs: Yes, get this point to the very core of you that most of the jobs in the country are in IT sector only and non-IT students too study IT to get job in IT sector. So, if you want a comfortable life ahead of you then definitely go for CS, don’t think twice.

2.When not to choose CS: If you have some approach or father is builder or architect go to that relative[amazon_link asins=’9332549443′ template=’ProductCarousel’ store=’engineerdiari-21′ marketplace=’IN’ link_id=’19f76ee0-5373-11e7-8d6d-29423620111e’] field, it’s good to say stuffs like” I want to achieve success on my own”, but just don’t go to that hard path!

3.CS is easiest:Really, Computer Science is the easiest as in college Electrical are the topics which are really tough, boring and exhausting whereas computers are the easiest!

4.Pathway for non-CS background for these 4 years:Now, coming back to the main point that how to come parallel to CS background student. Its pretty simple that in the first semester you would be taught basic MS- word softwares and basics of computers, so if you have hard time getting it spend a lot of time in library and finish any one book on same and in second semester where you would be introduced to C language, make sure to be around the people who were from CS background, and take their full help to understand the concept and spend lot of hours in library for the same!

Hope it helps. For any query ask in the comment section below, are team would respond within 24 hours.


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