October 20, 2020

Technical Test preparation for placements-Engineering Graduates

Apart from Aptitude test, technical tests are almost there every time, and its syllabus is huge, but there are few tips and tricks to track them, with minimum time for preparation. Now the trick is, to do the potion which can come in mcq format or if it is pen and paper then as long question. So, below are the most crucial topics and important portions to prepare in them, just stick to the list and you can easily crack any technical test with limited preparation time of 2-3 days!


So, imp. topics in sql are:

sql joins, asked in almost every test

normalization 1NF,2NF, 3NF

basic questions like difference group by and having

primary key, candidate key, referential integrity

Data structure:

basic output questions on loops,continue statement etc

stack and queues- infix to prefix, postfix, are asked in every technical exam, do prepare well

trees- number of nodes in perfect binary trees, BST definition based questions


Worst case complexity of every algorithm

Quick sort is the most important

bubble sort (number of steps to bubble sort a code)

Operating System:

page replacement questions and basic definitions are enough


most difficult ones are java questions

multi-threading, exceptional handling, nested inner loops are the most asked and trickiest questions and there in no single source to prepare for them, look it up online to find the most asked questions like questions of equals() resume and == are always asked. So, do go through them!

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