September 29, 2020

This is 2019’s Cindrella story😉

What do you guys think girls really want? Teddy, flowers, chocolates, GN, GM messages, paying bills on the date? And then,  you say that you truely loved her! And why did she leave!  Well we do want all this 🙃, but  this is just to compensate when one doesn’t receive true love. And finally we are going to answer you what this overrated term TRUE LOVE IS!  Boys you gotto snap out of that Cindrella story, poor girl, rich guy, silver sandal… NAH!! This is what actually 2019 love story looks like💖


Sneha, 28 years old , Senior Software Developer at Amazon, Banglore. Sneha works in Banglore, and her family lives in Delhi. She has an elder brother too working as an engineer in Pune.  Sneha is happy go lucky girl. She loves her friends. Going out with friends , dressing up, meeting up old friends. Sneha  works 10+ hours in weekdays and on weekends write poems and go out with her friends. Sneha is Single. She has never been in a serious relationship. Sneha’s most friend are married. Everyone wants Sneha to get married, but she is waiting for the RIGHT one! When asked, what she’s been looking for she always had one reply ” Just a real person. Who accepts me the way I am. And I enjoy his company!“.


On 23rd November, Sneha visits Delhi to attend her cousin brother’s marriage. There she met with Gaurav, his cousin’s bestfriend. Gaurav is 27 years old, Marketing executive at a firm in Delhi. Both Sneha and Gaurav were attracted towards each other. And Gaurav ended up asking Sneha’s number. Both, agreed to go on a date following weekend. The date was okayish as both were pretty different and had entire different interests.

On Sunday, Sneha returned to Banglore. Both kept in touch a little bit. 2 months later Gaurav visited Sneha in Banglore. They spent time together and for the first time, felt at ease. 3months later they both decided to get married!

One month after the marriage, they invited friends over. Sneha’s friend Riya asked”Aree tell me na, how come you liked Gaurav! Nobody could fit in your cutoff list, tell na Sne!“. To which Sneha told shyly “When Gaurav visited me, while returning back I took him to the airport in my car. And he not even for one second shied about me driving and he siting next to me”. Riya” And….?that’s it , that he let you drive?”. Sneha“No, ….yeah..see there has been those tiny moments. I remember we were browsing something on facebook on my phone, and there were some messages I didn’t want him to see. He saw the messages briefly but never asked my about them. And respected my privacy! And also, he never judged me for being a mess! I come late from work and my kitchen and cupboards both are pretty messed up🙈 . He used to very sweetly help clean the mess, and never gave those looks. I don’t know its too hard to explain!”



OOps were you expecting something different? Guys its just simple. But did you get the answer? ………Answer is actually in treating equally to themselves! Girls want nothing more than being respected and treated equally! That’s it.🙌

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