October 20, 2020
Top 10 Alexa Rank in India Websites List

Top 10 Alexa Rank in India Websites List

Alexa Rank in India and any other country holds a lot of importance in examining the worth of any website. Websites with Alexa ranking>1Million are non-existential in terms of visits, commercials, and presence on the web where are almost 200 million active websites. Every company owning a website tries Search Engine Optimization(SEO) to improve the website traffic, quality, response to list better in ranking and so does in popularity. In this particular blog, we will discuss Alexa Ranking of Website in Detail, factors on which it depends, top 10 websites in India on the base of ranking, and most importantly how to improve Alexa Rank of the website because the primary factor here is that if you are trying to improve the website’s Alexa Rank you, in turn, are focussing on getting more traffic to the site by improving the site’s performance and henceforth you get a better ranking, so let’s get started now!!!

What is Alexa Rank?

Alexa Internet, founded in 1996 is a company now owned by Amazon in 1999. They rank websites based on a unique visitor’s the site received and Alexa provides web traffic data, global rankings, and other information on 30 million websites. As of 2018, its Alexa itself is among the most popular website on the web with 3 million traffic received every month. There is also some discrepancy with Alexa Rank as the truth is that Alexa Rank is a comparative tool. So, even though your site is getting more traffic every month, your ranking still might decrease comparatively. So, some SEO Guru’s don’t even take Alexa Rank in Account. Among those 30 million sites, there are almost 6 million websites in India itself, making it even more crucial to get lower Alexa Rank in India. Now, let’s talk about the factors on which Alexa Rank indeed depends.

Factors on Which Alexa Rank Depends

There are primarily two factors on which Alexa Rank in India and worldwide depend on-Unique Visitors and page views. To determine the rank of a website Alexa collects the past three months’ data of the website, though rank is updated daily. So, let’s talk about them in detail.

1.Unique Visitors: Unique visitors stand for the total number of unique users that visit the website which could be new also and repeated also. This is counted as the number of hits received by different users to the domain. It might be subdomain also but Alexa is ranked for the domain so if we say Google.com has Alexa Rank in India as 1 we are talking about hits WWW.google.com receives and not about google maps or google photos.

2.Page Views: Page Views are counted as the total number of hits a unique URL receives of the domain in a day by the same user in a single day. If a user hits the URL again and again, then it is not counted when talking about a single day. Getting more page views is directly linked to the lower indexing that particular webpage has, hence search engine optimization plays a crucial role here. So, will talk about the same in a later section.

What is a good Alexa Rank in India?

As stated above in the world there are 1.5 billion websites of which only 200 million are active sites which give roughly 13% but let’s take 10% for easier calculation. Now, in India itself 6 million websites are giving 6 lakhs or 600K active sites in India. That’s how competitive is scoring a decent Alexa Rank as above 100K rank in the world even Alexa itself says that data won’t be accurate and for sites having Ranking more than 1 million, most of the rank calculators don’t take your presence even worth! But, the catch here is not to calculate good rank in India, but what is good Alexa Rank?

When you start a blog or website the first aim is to get it under 1Million. Once that’s done here is a reference.

100K<Alexa Rank>500K  Your website is a part of top 50-100 in the competition league

100K<Alexa Rank  Your website is part of top 25-50   in the competition league

10K<Alexa Rank You are among the leading companies in the world♥

So, for sake of calculation if we say there are 10% of those 200 million sites in India then above measure is for the web, for India it would be to get the rank below 10K for India and ultimately to be the ‘A’ listers have to be below 1K in India!

Below is the list of top 10 Alexa Rank in India, to make the result more noticeable we have not included google, Facebook, youtube in the list!

Top 10 Alexa Rank in India Websites List

How to Improve Alexa Rank of Website

To improve Alexa Rank in India and worldwide these are the few tips you can adopt but always remember that it takes around 3 months minimum for search engine optimization results to actually show up, so it will happen but patience is always the key.

1. Produce Optimized content:

Content has to be optimized as Alexa is a blunt calculator which tells not that your site is good, but rather it is worthy as people are visiting it. So, go back to the basics, quality is the key here, Unique content, where planned keyword tools are used, meta tags, description, speed of the site, images, a larger number of quality backlinks, and taking social media presence into deep consideration. You have to get traffic to your site and the only way is to dig deep into the soul of the content hence, an optimized article. And the only way to check that you are producing good content is to minimize the bounce rate, otherwise getting traffic onto the site is pretty useless!

2. Increase the quantity too:

You need to increase the number of page visits by a user. And, also around 15-25% of pages would get indexed only. So, direct maths says that writing content more is definitely a solution. Writing two blogs in a week would get you nowhere, push yourself. It is said that if you are passionate about something, you would spend a minimum of 4 hrs of your day to it!

Hope it would have been an interesting insight to increase your Alexa rank in India and also worldwide as Alexa Rank is for the web not just specific geographies!


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