October 20, 2020
Top 20 Automation testing interview questions

Top 20 Automation Testing Interview Questions

Reading about automation testing interview questions would only increase your knowledge, skillset and just enlightened you. So, here the top 20 such questions that would be asked in any QA interview you go across the country, whether you are fresher or experienced, so let’s get started!

1. What do you understand by automation testing?

Automation testing is automating testing of certain test cases to record their performance and stress levels. There are many tools available in the industry which let you do the same so that the quality of the software could be checked and delivered to the client.

2. What do you know about Selenium?

Note that knowledge about the Selenium tool in the testing industry is a must and would be asked in the automation testing interview question for sure! Selenium is one such automation testing tool widely used in the industry. It is used to check the performance of the application across different browsers because there are always some discrepancies with each browser response to the same code. For example just selecting a data input box would appear different on different browsers, so one needs to make sure that it works well on all the browsers. Selenium IDE is where you write test script and find the outcome.

3. List any three limitations of automation testing?

1. It is best only when some test cases are common like checking the speed of the same application cross-browser.

2. To write quality test scripts also require experience otherwise its in vain

3. It is costly.

4. Name three automation testing tools you have used and why?

Note:Be prepared about tools as it is most asked automation testing interview questions out there!Selenium for cross-browser testing, Appium for cross mobile application testing and Postman for API testing

5. Compare mobile application testing vs web app application testing

The mobile app is tested across either android devices or ios. With the mobile app you need to check for with and without connectivity, responsiveness, here UI and UX are at the forefront whereas though now more web apps are becoming popular, but with web application you need to check functionality and login security more.

6. Which is better functional or structural testing?

Both have their significance. When we have smaller projects and limited time in hand, it is always best to invest in functional testing which applies to all service sector companies. but once you enter a product based company where hundreds of employees are working on different modules of the same product then structural testing becomes quintessential!

7. What you prefer manual testing or automation testing? And why?

Of course automation! Automate automate automate! The world needs to become fastpaced and nobody needs to get stuck doing the same thing over and over again and making it as a limitation! More automation, more productivity!

8.List 3 important things a quality assurance must keep in mind.

1. Prioritize the testing efficiently well.

2. Know about which cases to automate and which to leave.

3. Keep upgrading yourself with time

9. Name 3 types of testing you can’t do with manual testing but easily with automation.

Load testing to test how much traffic a site can bear so you can just definitely open thousands of laptops and send requests, UX/UI ease that can only be manually judged, Hardware response on code as in how well speaker, headphones, voices interact on an operation.

10.State relationship between testing and project size

The level, investment and time on testing is directly proportional to the project size. For small budget projects where you just need to develop the application, only basic functional testing is required. but as the product size increases, one tiny bug can cost millions so testing becomes more disciplined for every patch and code that goes in!

11.State relationship between testing and development

You can never say that development is done until it is tested. An efficient developer does the primary level of testing at its end by making code as optimized as he could. A tester can only tell the loopholes and bugs that just might have crept in.

12. What does this statement mean that Automation testing helps in regression testing

Automating test cases in regression testing has become a mandatory of the sort because there you are re-testing the functional and performance aspect in a code so that all the bugs are fixed in!

13. What would make you not automate the test case?

When there is a  confined budget, a limited time when you are not that efficient and fact with making test cases and if that is a rare test that won’t is reused!

14. What is a framework in testing?

test automation framework is a guideline for creating test cases. It is a conceptual part wherein automated testing testers use resources more efficiently. Note that knowledge of framework is also a must for automation testing interview questions specially!

15. List the types of frameworks used in software automation testing?

  • Linear Scripting
  • Keyword-driven framework
  • Data-Driven framework
  • Hybrid Framework

16. Should a tester use a framework?

Frameworks are just a guideline to create a more disciplined conversation, so it kind of has become mandatory because now both the testers would be on the same page when they would be referring to an entity.

17. What makes a framework, a good framework

Scalability, ease of integration, ease to communicate, and easy to maintain definitely!

18. Also, explain the structure of a framework?

  • A source folder with Distinctive folders
  • A “Model folder because MVC is now used
  • A “log” folder for logs
  • A web config file that contains the URLpassword etc.

19. Also, why we keep a separate file for URL, passwords, etc?

Otherwise, you got to change in all the files every time, it is easy and makes sense to keep it at just one place for scalability purposes.

20. Lastly, what are good coding practices in terms of automation?

Indented, well documented and commented code is a must. All the basics like variables names and standards are a must! Make code as clean and reusable as possible so that the same project could be used in the future as well!

These we are most asked 20 automation testing interview questions, hope this helps. All the best buddy!!

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