September 29, 2020

Top 5 Version Control System! And The best one Is!!!!!

Version Control Systems are the lifelines of any software development company! Once you get the taste of version control, you just cannot go back!! And we know that you know what we are talking about! But, since there are now so many in the market-Github, Gitlab, Bitbucket,Microsoft Team Foundation Server,AWS CodeCommit and many many more. You need to find the better one for your product. Now, you would go scroll through each one and then compare, rather we have curated these 5 Version Control System  with all the points you need to know so that you can choose which one is the best for you!

1. Github

1.Github hands down has the biggest reputation in this space. Huge huge open source contribution community of over 40 million users, tremendous documentation allowing integration with on most technologies,angular,react,java etc  and  over 11 years in the market. Github even says that is leading this space!

2.Github offers Team plan which costs $9 per user/month, with all the basic features of user access and bug tracking and unlimited repositories!

3.Airbnb,netflix,medium,shopify all uses github!


1.Gitlab is yet another big name in the space, which is running and developing at pretty faster pace. Gitlab is not offering something different from github though, but is tackling those smaller issues like toolchain cycle, reducing time, more efficient way of bug fixing etc. Its more or less trying to work more efficiently than github as a private company in just span of 8 years!

2.Gitlab bronze plan consists of $4 per user/month which is less than half of github!

3.Gitlab is being used by NASA, Sony etc and other 100K companies!!


1.Bitbucket is another growing name in this space and majorly because of upto 5 users unlimited free repository where github offers only upto 3 users. It offers similar features with github but with slight different interface as one could expect! So, expect continuous integration, secure workflow.It offers integration with Jira software and trigger webhooks.Also bitbucket was acquired by Atlassian which is a big name in the hosting world.

2.Bitbucket follows simpler payment methodology of $15dollar/month for upto 5 users plan which is pretty awesome and thats why people choses Bitbucket!

3.Paypal,Pandora,Starbucks uses bitbucket!

4.Microsoft Team Foundation Server:

1.So, we talk tech and microsoft isnt there, thats not possible😜. The big family of visual studio and visual studio code has foundation server!! Its basically for azure and facilitate best for the service provider market there is, and which is pretty vast!!So, now you know when to use with azure deployment,but it is not even an year old so let this baby grow a bit!

2.The server license can be purchased for about $500 and the client licenses are about the same.

However, just like with Visual Studio Online, TFS is included with MSDN subscriptions. So, if you already use Microsoft tools you may already be paying for it.

5.AWS CodeCommit

1.AWS codeCommit is the after party of success of AWS market!!! Ofcourse, deploying on AWS you know how to manage your code now, because it is explicitly designed for AWS deployment and this is also just a baby with 1.5 years .

2.Anyone with an AWS account can get started with AWS CodeCommit for free. Your account gets 5 active users per month for free (within limits), after which you pay $1.00 per additional active user per month. There are no upfront fees or commitments.

So, the question which one is the best goes to……………the requirement😜. Ofcourse based on pricing and requirement you know what to choose!

Hope, it would have brought lot more clarity from where you started. If you still have an any doubt, leave it in the comment section below. Our team would revert back within 24 hours.

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