October 1, 2020
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How To Find USB Port Type In Laptop Or PC

We work with USB Cables all the time! Our phone charger, laptop ports, any electronic  device we are charging, pen drives, yup pretty much in everything! But, still there lies a lot of confusion with USB 2.0, 3.0 and now 3.1. USB cables, connectors, USB Type-B, USB Type-C , how to identify USB port on the system and what not! But don’t worry guys because we got you all covered! Will discuss all of it and all the doubts you could have or have or think people have! So, lets get rolling!!

1.What is USB and USB Full Form

The Full form of USB is Universal Serial Bus. Universal Serial Bus (USB) is an industry standard used to define the connectors, cables and communication protocols used in a bus for communication, connection and power supply between computers, laptops and electronic devices.

2.Types of USB Port

   1. USB 1.1

USB 1.1 was the first USB version released in 1998 and has a top speed of 12Mbps.

   2.USB 2.0

Released in 2000, USB 2.0 has a maximum speed of 480Mbps in Hi-Speed mode, or 12Mbps. It is backward-compatible with USB 1.1.

   3. USB 3.0

USB 3.0 was released in 2008 and has a top speed of 5Gbps in SuperSpeed mode and is typically colored blue.

 4. USB 3.1,3.2,4.0

USB  3.1, which was released in 2013 and doubles the speed of 10Gbps, making it as fast as the original Thunderbolt standard. USB 3.2 released in 2017 with      20Gbps speed, USB 4.0 released in 2019 with 40Gbps.

3.Identify USB Port Number

1. Through Device Manager:On start panel, search for Device manager. Under Universal Serial Bus Controller you could easily find USB 2.0, 3.0.

2. Usually on systems and PC you would find type A port and the one with ovals are type C port in laptops.

3. The ports marked with SS are superspeed port 3.0 and regular ones 2.0

Image result for superspeed female receptacle usb port

4. USB Connectors types


They’re what you typically plug into a computer USB port when you transfer data, use an external keyboard for typing, or utilize a mouse for a PC.

bulk usb cables


Type-B connectors are almost square in shape. You’ve probably seen them when you plug in a printer cable or an external hard drive cable to a computer.

Image result for usb port b cable


One of the newer USB cables on the scene is the type-C. Unlike other connectors, this one is actually reversible, meaning that it can be plugged in upside down if you want.

Image result for usb type c cable

5. Male and Female USB Ports

Its an awesome terminology used where female components are the one on the device to which we attach the cable. And cable’s plug is called male component. The coolest part of the naming is that to ensure that no two same components are connected, and that’s how this works. The ports in the image hence are female ports.

Rectangular opening where the width is twice the height. The opening has a metal rim, and within the opening a flat rectangular bar runs parallel to the top side.

We hope you would have got more insights into this space. So, now we would expect you to buy 3.0 pen drive and USB 3.0 Type C USB cables. And of course charge your phones from laptops than PCs.

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