Web development as a career in India

Web development has emerged as one of the most prominent career choices in India. But what exactly is its scope, salary, how to get started as a web developer is all blurry with so many languages,frameworks and tools out there. This blog is meant to answer all the questions linked with being a web developer in India.

What exactly is web development?

Web development simply means creating websites. Now, this web development also involves two part – front end and backend development. Front end developers are responsible for all the things a user sees when he opens a website (more on this below) and backend is what  actually makes front-end possible and where the data is stored. Full stack developers on the other hand are one who knows both front-end and backend.

Now, its still shady so let’s look at it in bit more detail.

Front-end web development:

Whenever we visit any website- images, links, login forms etc all comes under front-end web development. Though there are basically three languages to build them HTML(Now HTML5)- to build basic components of a webpage like table, forms, insert images, CSS(Now CSS3) for pure styling purpose, and Javascript to include every logical thing i.e code. But creating a website from the scratch using them would be a lot more complex. So we have frameworks to ease out this process. Some of the most famous and in demand front-end frameworks are:

Bootstrap, Angular Js, React.Js

Back-end web development:

Backend coding is a technique used in web development which involves employing scripts on a web server which produce a response customized for each user’s (client’s) request to the website. Some of the most in-demand server side frameworks are:

Laravel, Node js, ruby on rails, Asp.net


This is where actually the data received by user and in other backend operations is stored. Some of the commonly used databases are:


Content Management System and other designing tools:

WordPress,  Joomla are two most commonly used cms to create a website and are in demand too. SEO, content writer, adobe photoshop expert are some of the additional tools a web developer should have.

Web development as a career in India:

Web development has a huge scope in India and has equal opportunities across the country. As an intern (college intern or 6 month intern in a company) starting would be between 5k to 10k per month(which is pretty low). After 6 month-2 year you can get around 15K-30K per month. And after 3 -4 years anywhere around 6lpa-10lpa. So, yes starting is indeed slow and requires a lot of patience but still is a great career option and if you are good and land up in product based company one can get 7 digit figure too.

All the best.

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