October 1, 2020

What is a DevOps Engineer?

As you have entered in the technical world you might have encountered with skills required or portfolio needed for DevOps engineer. Or even as a technical person you must need to know what a DevOps engineer is, its scope , opportunities as demand for  Devops  engineer is only going to rise!

DevOps engineer as name suggests comes from Development+Operations. Even if you have coded a basic application or worked as an intern, you must have seen that on one single application multiple people are deployed on different modules, hence merging is a big task in itself!! Development is task where we need front end, backend and database engineers, but what about code merge, deployment, managing servers and cloud base!. That’s where devOps engineer comes into the picture. So, lets look at the tasks a devOps engineer needs to handle.

Roles of devOps engineer:

1.Managing development and code merge:

Even if you work in a small startup or big MNC, every software  is worked on simultaneously by multiple developers. Now, if there are different modules they are working on then task is just pure merge, but imagine if multiple people are working on the same module! And, that’s happen all the time! Then, its not just merging, it is planning and managing! A well decisive roadmap would lead to smooth development, but if it isn’t taken  care of, then its a nightmare!

Software development is a task in itself as you constantly needs to meet up with the deadlines, there are bugs and requirement almost all the time keeps on changing! If there is a proficient devOps engineer in the company, development is fun! As coding is fun! But, if there isn’t then!!!


Deployment, patches and release are all aspect of managing a software running on for longer time. Now, here DevOps engineer needs to ensure that there exists backups for almost all the possible failure that could happen! Because, a site running on, having traffic in millions just cant be down!! Its a tremendous task!! Anybody is going to pay you what you are asking for, but you need to be good at it!! And it could only come after years of learning as it always is a risk!!! And some tiny bugs could cost a lot to an e-commerce site!!!

3.Managing cloud and Server:

Now a days everything is on cloud. Managing Amazon or Google clouds, their services and even Microsoft servers are all tasks of a devOps engineer. And these keep on changing, upgrading all the time, like any other piece of development tool you are working on! So, if you remain consistent and hard working, you would be earning those big dream numbers but it has to be a consistent effort. DevOps engineer easily earns more than developers as developers can be replaceable but devOps engineer isn’t!

Hope, it would have brought lot more clarity from where you started. If you still have an any doubt, leave it in the comment section below. Our team would revert back within 24 hours.

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