November 30, 2020
What is Artificial Intelligence, future, advantages, disadvantages!

What is Artificial Intelligence, future, advantages, disadvantages!

Every device, system or instrument that exists is made to solve a purpose. Earlier it was just input and output based meaning that if this happens, the device needs to do that and so on. But now with artificial intelligence we are making systems intelligent enough to be able to perform actions based on decision taking capabilities. Pretty much like how human beings function! Now, lets get what exactly artificial intelligence is, future, threat, advantages and disadvantages.

1. What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial intelligence aims at making expert systems. Expert system are like what we human do, we predict an outcome based on the judgement which is collected through sensors and acted upon by effectors. Now these are terminologies commonly used say you are watching Netflix. It senses the genre you are interested in by firstly asking the preference and then mapping it to similar series you watch and here effectors are the movie choice cards that are displayed.

2.Examples of Artificial Intelligence

Any predictive system is an AI system. Like weather forecasting which has used AI by collecting lot of data for so many years and also now with advanced technologies we have. Even, cricket match we see the prediction, is again AI.All the sales data, trending, discount offers are using artificial intelligence. Business, marketing , campaigns everywhere you go AI is being used!

What is Artificial Intelligence, future, advantages, disadvantages!

3.Advantages of Artificial Intelligence

Because of Artificial Intelligence Technology has become fun! Playing video games, listening music, being aware, updated and been able to cater the needs to the target audience has become so much easier and fun! Artificial Intelligence is down and down blessing!

4. Future with Artificial Intelligence

Say 10 years from now in 2030. AI would become so good that you would think of a weirdly image of a situation or person or thing and the system would have guessed and would be in front of you. It will be so much cooler! We are all excited for sure!

5.Threats of Artificial Intelligence

Now this itself is a threat! Memory loss is on peek! We are not working our brains! Jobs would be on major decline as all the manual work would be done by the expert systems. Also machines would not judge vulnerability, morals and the right thing to be done! It would be harsh world where priority work would be done and not the one which our heart wants! Would be become a ROBOT too? Well we already have!!!!

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