November 30, 2020
What is Section 144 in Delhi,Lockdown,Coronavirus Updates In India

What is Section 144 in Delhi,Lockdown,Coronavirus Updates In India

Due to increasing cases of Coronavirus in India and hence in Delhi, Government of Delhi has decided to apply section 144 in the Delhi state which would begin post 9pm 22nd March continue till 31st March midnight.

Current Coronavirus Cases in Delhi and India:

As per Ministry of Health and family Welfare, 22nd March 6:30pm  there has been 389 cases and 7 deaths in India. There are 29 cases in Delhi where 28 are citizen of the country,1 is foreigner and 1 death has been reported in the state.

What is Lockdown in Delhi?

Arvind Kejriwal Announced that there will be complete lockdown of the state applicable from 6am 23rd March till 31st march Midnight to prevent further spread of the virus.

  • All private  transport,DMRC,trains, airplanes are prohibited in the state . But DTC buses would operate at 25% occupancy to allow people working at crucial jobs.
  • All non-essential, commercial,religious places would be completely shut.
  • Essential servicemen-electricity,media,print,internet,petrol pumps,tax,policemen,milkman,dairy,food and grocery providers are allowed.
  • Since section 144 is there, more than 5 people cannot gather.
  • During this period, people at private and govt companies would be considered On-duty!

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