October 1, 2020

What to choose app development or web development

If you are also among those who is just getting started with development and still is not able to decide what to begin with, this post is just for you. App development is the hottest trend in the industry, but web is something which would never vanish, so to answer all the basic questions regarding getting started with it, salary packages, scope in India etc, read along and clear all your doubts.

1.Getting started:

Getting started with App development is pretty much straight forward. There are two types of native apps-IOS app or Android app. For beginner its easier to start with android development. You need to hold decent command over Java, XML then can start working with Android studio, but for IOS you need Mac first, then can build ios app on Xcode. A new trend in App development is of hybrid apps which are basically websites in app, but React Native is real big now which lets you build both Android and IOS app using JS!

Now, web development path is bit more complicated as there is front end developer, backend, MEAN and trending MERN stack developers! WEb development always start with basics-HTML,CSS, Javascript, then for front end frameworks-Bootstrap, AngularJs and ReactJs. For backend Laravel for PHP or Node.js are the better options. Post that you need to learn deployment AWS, digitalOcean etc too. There is also .NET and Ruby on Rails used in the industry.

2. Time required to learn:

On a average learning android App development takes 4-5 months +almost a month to get a decent understanding of Java and XML.But IOS takes more time 6 months atleast. Once you get hold on native app development you can learn hybrid app development or ReactNative!

For web development you need minimum 6 months atleast as you need to figure out  alot!

3.Salary in India:

Well its difficult to say who gets higher package as it depends more on the company as which audience they capture , job profile-front end, UI , and most importantly company valuation but yes, android developer are paid slightly higher package than web developer as the world is shifting to the apps!

4.Scope in India:

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There is tone of scope and infact plenty for both! You can get job solely for UI/UX to full stack development!So, app and web development both have huge scope in the country which will grow and get better with definitely huge influence of AI and ML!

So, whichever you choose be confident in it and enjoy because its pretty cool to be able to build something that help people, bring them closer and just enjoy the feeling of being a developer which is pretty awesome!

Hope it has answered all your questions. If you still have any doubt comment below, we would revert back within 24 hours.

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