September 29, 2020

What to choose college or Course in Engineering?

Since, this is the time for filling out the choices for Engineering colleges and many students have requested an answer on it, presented are some key points which would help you to decide to choose between College or the course offered!

1.Always choose the course/stream you are taking: Yup, it’s a funny way to start by directing always to choose the stream than college as here’s why.There is no doubt that you must have worked really hard in these two years to get into the brand names of IITs and NITs, which would be a proud feeling for your parents and you yourself to tell somebody you are from this college, and these brand undoubtedly helps a ton to get job interviews, but at the end of the day if you are in some metallurgical branch or applied sciences, the pathway would be extremely hard as you yourself would find that there are really less jobs in India in these branches, and one never wants to get into that situation!

2.When to choose the college over course: Say, you have interest in teaching and going to esteemed Engineering college only as you have got a seat,   wished by millions in the country. Then, go for it! And also if you have no particular interest in coding  or civil and are confident to be able to excel at        anything   thrown at you, then also go for the brands!

3. If high fee is a hurdle: Almost all the private colleges in the country are extremely expensive, and going there would give your parents a ton of load on       their  pocket, then decision can go either way as the moment you enter the college you would have the opportunity to be able to not only work part time  but       also work from home from sources like freelancing and tuition (Go to the link to know 3-easy-ways-to-earn-money-from-home-for-the-college-students)and you could easily earn anywhere from 5K-10K, not only acting as your pocket money but giving your parents help of around 50K- 1 Lakh also! But, you have to decide that do you commit to work harder?


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