September 30, 2020

What to do after fight with a teacher in college?

College time is the worst time to fight with a teacher as in college she/he  indeed has a lot of power and can make your life hell. Having fought with teachers on many occasions in school time, when my first fight/argument happened with a college teacher, I could somehow prevented it from turning out into a nasty stuff, but some of my friends weren’t that lucky! So, for all you out there I know how exactly you are feeling and must be in a lot of stress, but don’t worry I have some tips for you which would for sure help you.

  1. Apologize:

Yes, this is no bummer that apologizing never hurts. It is not the best time for your ego to enter here as like every teacher in the country, she is pretty much frustrated person and she could influence many other frustrated creatures, which is not good for you at all! Its tough but trust me just apologize pretty hard, like” Mam, I am really sorry, there is a situation happening with my family, I was in so much pressure and it just came,”that is make up any emotional  story and if she isn’t melting then, boy/ girl cry! That ego is no bigger than peace of your mind, and those friends don’t matter any close to your family and career!

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 2. Family interference:

Now, pay real attention to this point that even after a lot of begging and pleading nothing is happening, so tell your parents about the situation, yes parents not some random friends! Yeah, I know there will be a lot of drama , and restrictions following for 2-3 months, but will deal with that later as the situation needs to be taken in control now!.

  3. Keeping calm

Doesn’t matter how rich you are, or how influential your parents are to the college, but just don’t ruin the situation with anger or ego, and for sure doing stuffs like posting it on Facebook or calling another influential people, because after that things will only turn nastier and out of control because in the end YOUR PEACE OF MIND IS YOUR UTMOST PRIORITY.

All the very best.


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