October 1, 2020

What to do when you are in love with your best friend!

“Hi! My name is Sunita! I was following your series so thought you might be able to help me with it! I am in second year of my MBBS. I have a ‘guy ‘best friend named Rajat. I always kind of liked Rajat and I was okay with the fact that he liked someone else. He was in two relationship with that girl. I have expressed my feelings towards him on multiple occasions. Now after his breakup, we have started talking more and more! would it be okay if we date? Or I would be just a move on! Please help!!!!!”

Hi Sunita, thank you for sharing your story with our readers. This situation has been infact the worst! Its tough enough to express your feelings and feel vulnerable all the time. Still being good friend! Like hatsoff to you! Though we don’t know your entire story and what exactly is the equation between you two! And also if he is a genuine, nice guy or among those who keep their options open! But here are some of the pointers which would help you decide.

  1. He was in two year relationship, which is a long time! Don’t rush into things. Not at any cost come in relationship till they have atleast one year of breakup! Like atleast! What happens is that you are the easiest move on option he has. Chances of you being played is extremely high! So, no matter what don’t be in relationship till he had atleast one year of breakup span.
  2. It’s imperative of him to now make efforts for you. When there is genuine feelings and emotions involved, people wait for others! Moving on quickly are meant for shallow people! So, make sure he is really is in the state of wanting you, not needing you! It’s not about playing with someone emotions, but more about doing the RIGHT thing.
  3. If you are stuck in the dilemma that there is a huge amount of chances that he might just be using you, then STAY AWAY! Always remember thinking about yourself is not being selfish but rather thinking about him could be foolish! Being a kind soul you are, protect your heart because someone along the line would come up and would treat you like the way you always wanted, and not like a backup option, or second priority!

-Gosh you are a lovely soul! All the best for your life<3

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2 thoughts on “What to do when you are in love with your best friend!

  1. I like your blogs a lot , it’s really great how you answers everything, but I wonder whether you put yourself in questioner situation or you just give your opinion

    1. Hi Raina! Thank you so much for taking you time out to comment on our young blog ❤ Coming back to your question, engineerdiaries is just like an elder sibling or friend trying to give the best of advice. Someone that will always want the best for you, unconditionally❤

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