October 23, 2020

Prepare yourself for first day of an Engineering College?

[amazon_link asins=’B007E9M6EI,B0154B5PAY’ template=’ProductCarousel’ store=’engineerdiari-21′ marketplace=’IN’ link_id=’ad49af00-6a4e-11e7-884c-1d9831b5adb0′]So, finally stepping into the bigger world, huh? It’s pretty exciting and nerve wracking at the same time, as till now you must have gotten list of do’s and don’ts and so much would be going into your mind! So, you need no exaggeration, but just an answer to Prepare yourself for first day of an Engineering College?Stick around as we would  cater you just that!

  1. Carry a Notebook or not:

As you would enter college, you would realize that professors are on a strict deadline, so chances of atleast one teacher who starts teaching from the first day  itself is very high. And carrying 1 notebook and a pen is a definite safe option.

   2. What to wear:

First day of college is a big deal and don’t underestimate it! You would be judged on the way you dress and you would also be judging others on the same too!So, make sure to get the right impression of yourself as groups start forming from the first day itself and you surely don’t want to be left out one.

For guys, neat and smart look is something you must be after. Nicely shaved, clean Tee and nice pair of denims with sneakers is what you should go for. And, yes wearing shades or wearing a formal shirt is definitely something to avoid.

For girls, although you do have a lot of variety options to choose from ,but still a decent top(which is not too outdated and also not shows too much skin)with pair of denims and slippers is ideal. For makeup, stick to as minimum as you can with just a lip balm, kajal and a moisturizer. And, yeah definitely go for open hair look as c’mon, no more braids!

 3. Other random stuffs

Ragging, fresher’s party, professors, bunking, are all an another experience in itself, but definitely  try to be really adaptive and open minded about the stuffs. As first day is difficult and fun! So, just have fun with it. All the best for the new journey!


If you have any doubts, or just wanna share your feedback, comment below as we reply withing 24 hours.


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