October 23, 2020

What to put in CV/Resume for first year student

[amazon_link asins=’0718186915′ template=’ProductCarousel’ store=’engineerdiari-21′ marketplace=’IN’ link_id=’6eadf1ce-29a7-11e7-9822-2d3cc4a1d620′]Coming in the first year, the most scary part seems to be this cv or resume, and then, what skills you to put on your resume as  wherever you search, all you got would  get are templates/ samples for 4th student. To help all the first year out there, here is a quick overview of what you can  write on your resume!

1. Knowing C.V.

CV/resume is at max of two pages listing all the skills you have. Right now, you would only be needing this cv to apply for internships, so your cv is only way where  recruiter gets to know your skill set and be convinced that you are a suitable candidate.

2. Headings

Every CV has these basic headings, now positioning of these heading vary according to the importance you want to give on that particular heading. Say, you are applying for android developer intern then if you have done a training/ made a project so put that heading on the top, but if you haven’t then put probably 90% above in board or JEE Main rank above. So, main headings are:

  1. At top most– Put your name, email id, address, phone no. (and yes, never put your photo in the resume!)
  2. Education Qualifications-(10th and 12th percentage, school name, year)
  3. Skills-Software , operating system, Languages, other skills
  4. Career Objective– May be to get some experience, or exploring a field
  5. Achievements– Can be both technical and non-technical
  6. Projects– You can write 12th project you did
  7. Training– Some virtual training you did from a website is counted too
  8. Internships-Optional
  9. Other qualities: Like extremely hard working  etc.

3.Some Additional information:

Never write a CV trying to impress someone, be genuine and say, you want an internship as android developer, but haven’t worked on it yet, So, highlight saying that you are extremely hardworking, loves to code and early learner(Your chances of getting selected is still less, but may be they gave you a chance as unpaid intern, so be hopeful) and never, never underestimate yourself after seeing the require qualifications as may be you are better than them!



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