November 28, 2020
Which one is best to buy Amazon Echo,Echo Plus or Echo Dot in India?

Which one is best to buy Amazon Echo,Echo Plus or Echo Dot in India?

As per TechCrunch Amazon Echo devices are in 70% Americans households already and getting the same results in Indian market could be established within few months! With so much of hype about Amazon Echo, Echo plus,  Echo Dot it has become essential for engineer diaries to break it down for you. SO, lets get straight into Echo products.

1. What is Amazon Echo and Alexa Support

Amazon Echo (shortened to Echo) is a brand of smart speakers developed by Amazon. Echo devices connect to the voice-controlled intelligent personal assistant service Alexa, which will respond when you say “Alexa”through which  you can do voice interaction,make calls, music playback, making to-do lists, setting alarms, streaming podcasts, and playing audiobooks, in addition to providing weather, traffic and other real-time information. It also control several smart devices, acting as a home automation hub. All you need is wifi connect, but definitely could use as a bluetooth speaker simply too.

2.Amazon Alexa App for Echo devices

Which one is best to buy Amazon Echo,Echo Plus or Echo Dot in India?

You can configure various features for Echo devices Using Amazon Alexa App. The voice calling suing Echo speakers could also be done to person not having echo device but Alexa App. Not just that Amazon now sells deals with Wipro bulb and smart switch with Echo devices which can be configured using the app. All other configurations can be done using the Alexa App like customizing music list, to do list etc. You can even club the devices together with the app so that say music plays on the group of Echo devices. Alexa has indeed 15,000 skills so its get lot more fun day by day!!

3. Amazon Echo Dot and its feature

It is the cheapest, most portable and convenient Echo device in the market. Obviously the sound quality would be not at par with echo plus but you would get intelligent voice control results.

  •  360 degree sound
  •  Alexa for music, news, trivias, scores, weather, alarms , kids rhymes and stories
  • Alexa is always ready to help in both English & Hindi
  • Stream millions of songs from Amazon Prime Music, JioSaavn, Gaana, Apple music
  • Access songs in Hindi, English, Telugu, Tamil, Punjabi, Marathi, Bengali, Bhojpuri, Kannada and more
  • Voice control smart lights or your existing AC, geyser, water pump, air purifier using smart plug (smart home accessories sold separately)

4. Amazon Echo Plus and its price

    • Premium sound on the Echo Plus
    • Dolby play 360° audio with crisp vocals and dynamic bass response
    • Better voice quality and support than  echo dot
    • Costs around 10K but amazon is actually providing cool combo deals!


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