November 25, 2020
Working in Startup vs MNC as Fresher in IT Industry in India-2020

Working in Startup vs MNC as Fresher in IT Industry in India-2020

There are so many myths and misconceptions regarding working in startups vs MNCs! Like so many!! In all the aspect related to growth, money, future, stability,working environment so many!! That this needed to be addressed and for freshers specially because there are no much wrong you have in your mind and so much energy! And, we all deserve a good start into our career don’t we? We do. So, lets start with 5 difference to working in startup vs MNC as Fresher in IT industry in India.

Also, everything would become a vague, hypothetical terminology if we don’t take in examples. So, lets say you are hired as a fresher with requirement for Angular And React frontend developer. Now, what will be the future scope of it lets analyze that!

1.Opportunities in Startup Vs MNCs:

In Startup, opportunity to expand your domain and get into devops and also backend is huge! Like 90% chances that your resume would be enriched with the company.Whereas for MNC, you might remain stuck with the front end. Could have a bench period. And could even get into testing domains and stuff like that but entire switchup in MNC is pretty less!

2.Everyday in Startup Vs MNCs:

For startup you wake up at 9am in the morning and by 11am you are in the office where you already had an hour of workout at the gym. Now, from 11am-1pm where 1pm is lunch time you basically get into the mood, get your tasklist right. After 1pm-2pm lunch, you start your work at 2:30pm and work till 4:30pm. With tea/coffee break of 30 mins you are back at work and from 5pm-7pm you are working. Then you would be winding up the work and would leave office till 8pm.

For MNC, you wake up at 7am and be in the office by 9am. Report to manager at 10am for task updation. Have your lunch at 1pm. Resume your work at 3pm-5pm. After 5pm you are scrolling the web and leave office by 6pm.

3.Salary in Startup Vs MNCs:

Salary in Startup comes in the first week of the month. So, you are expecting salary between dates 4th-7th but in MNC you get salary by last working day of the previous month. Thats the best part of MNC you are not concerned with declining business or etc. You would get your Salary!

4.Personal Life in Startup Vs MNCs:

In Startup, you apply for 3 day leave in 3months and they ask you to carry laptop with you! In  MNC, you apply 3 day leave in a month, once you come back they  take your class, tell you that you are not contributing enough. But after 2 days its pretty okay!

5.Salary Growth in Startup Vs MNCs:

In startup, salary growth is not there until you are the one who is getting the maximum billing! So, 1 in 10 would get 100% hike. In MNC you get 10% hike if you are ordinary and 20% hike for handling 3 projects in last 6 months.

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