October 1, 2020

Writing Perfect Resume for Placements- Engineering Graduates

Though it is advised to keep multiple resumes handy for the ease of applying to different profiles. But to each its own. Keep your profile general and play with your strengths always! Highlight your strengths, and prepare your resume on the tips! Its a must! Listed below are interesting ways to keep your resume under safe radar, so that interview always go the way you intend to!

1. Title of Resume:

Title of the resume is the most important. It is what you write below your name. Keep it appropriate as well as flexible. Say you are applying for software developer profile, but your resume is all around android development. Then, its heading would be SOFTWARE AND ANDROID DEVELOPER . This will give you flexibility to use the same resume for android development in a startup and software development in an MNC.

2. Projects and Trainings:

Have atleast two projects and trainings combined. And never clutter your resume with more and more stuffs! The minimum it is, the better! The best way is to club the two headings together. Give a project heading, below that name of the organization, and 2-4 lines about the same that’s it!

3.Languages and skills:

Always and always, rate your languages and skills. And place them in the order of most known to least one. And label them using stars or categorizing as Advanced, to Beginner level. This is the way you can tune the interview according to your will!

4. Non-technical stuffs:

Keep them minimum when applying for technical profile. As 80% of people wont even look at it. But mention any event you organized and competitions you won, and atleast try to keep the achievements of the college only, as no one is interested to know what you achieved in the third grade!

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