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Introduction to Selenium Webdriver
Introduces to Selenium testing ,its types, and history of Selenium
Selenium Webdriver Installation c#
Install Selenium webdriver in visual studio using nuget packages, control chrome browser
Locators in Selenium Webdriver
CSS selectors, Id and CSS classes to findElement with examples
Take Screenshots in Selenium Webdriver
Learn to take screenshots in selenium webdriver using c#
Wait in Selenium Webdriver
Implicit wait, Explicit wait and Fluent wait in details
Handling Alerts in Selenium Webdriver
Handling Alerts, Confirmations and prompts in selenium webdriver with examples in c#
Proxy in Selenium Webdriver
Using HTTP Proxy in Selenium Webdriver using C# and NuGet package SeleniumProxyAuth
Handling Page Load in Selenium Webdriver
Handling Page Load in Selenium Webdriver using PageLoadStrategy class in C#
Selenium Remote Webdriver Tutorial
Selenium Remote Webdriver Tutorial in c# using hubs and nodes
Selenium Webdriver Interview Questions
Selenium Webdriver Interview Questions Updated List 2021

About this tutorial

Welcome to Selenium WebDriver Tutorial 2021 edition. In the market like India, where in the IT sector more than 10 lakhs people in the country are employed and are only growing day by day testing jobs too are a rage. And let us tell you that knowing any one framework like Selenium can easily get you a job up to 10lpa as a fresher only. Also, wont shy away from saying that if coding daunts you, or development is giving you a tough time managing personal and professional life, and also if you are a female candidate who wants still not too hectic life, then testing jobs are best. Now, you know why you need to follow up with the tutorial. Let us focus on what all you are going to learn and go about from here in the industry.
This tutorial is for absolute beginners. You have just a tiny bit of coding background, then you also you are sorted. This tutorial though focuses primarily on selenium webdriver and working with it in C#. But could definitely take as a starter kit for any other programming language. Also, we are testing here with google chrome, you can use firefoxdriver, internet explorer driver, etc. Bonus, part of these tutorials is that we have kept it interactive, so if you have any problem at a step ask in the comment section below and our team is going to reply in less than 12 hours.

Selenium Webdriver

Now, let us introduce to the concept and what all you are going to learn from here: Selenium webdriver is specially designed to control browsers from the operating system level as earlier selenium remote control uses a proxy server which made the architecture quite cumbersome. For more details, you would find the tutorials followed though. Now, selenium testing is specially designed to generate scripts for cross-browser testing for web applications. Let us dive deep into this now. Earlier if you had to test the UI/UX of a web application one would test on one browser then, on another. But with Selenium, this process has got automation where a script is written to compare the screenshot of the outputs of the cross-browser testing. Now, you have a slight understanding of what is Selenium webdriver all about. Let us know what all you are going to learn in the tutorial:


There are key features of Selenium testing like locators to find elements on the webpage, taking a screenshot, wait condition, testing on a remote server. All these details would be covered in separate articles which are follow up to the previous ones. Also, these are example-based tutorials and not at all theoretical. And the comment section is always open for your queries. So, let us get started with the selenium webdriver tutorial. Happy learning:)